Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time Out

I haven't been doing much lately with the blog, sales, goofing off, etc. I just needed to take a time out of sorts and just let it go. I've had so much going on lately that it's just been overwhelming. I was beginning ot feel like my days consisted of work and then running around non-stop doing everything for other people.

The couponing/sales especially wore me out. Since we didn't need anything new I just sat back and only took advantage of the really awesome deals. Like scoring oscar meyer hotdogs for $1 a pack. I've got 2 kids....we go through a lot of hotdogs during the summer. And when they are normally $3+....well it was a great deal for me.

My sewing got put on the back burner too. I'll be bringing it out again soon cause I have some ideas brewing in my head. I'd love to make the outfits for the kiddo's birthday party but we'll see.

We've been having lots of fun though. The last few weekends we've done BBQ's at our house. Since Mr. X finally got the pool in working condition we've been taking advantage of that. LOVE IT! The kids love it too. Monkey can't touch the bottom with out going under but she has learned how to swim pretty well. The pool is 15ft by 30ft and 4.5ft deep. This past sunday she learned how to swim, mostly underwater, and can make it across the 15ft part all by herself. No floaties required. Of course we're right there close by just in case but still....it's a proud moment! Toots loves the water too. He's figured out how to lean over his floatie so he can splash and he loves when Mr. X makes him bounce around. I've gotten some cute video of that laugh of his.

We're getting down into the last month soon before Mr. X leaves and i'm trying hard not to dwell on it too much. I can only hope that 3 months passes as quickly as this time before it has been passing. I'm grateful though, he won't be missing any major holidays with the kids. Even though he's leaving before Toots actual birthday we're planning a big birthdya party ahead of time so that he can be here for that at least.

Thats it for now I guess. HOpefully I'll be back in the swing of things again soon.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Holy Crap

About now is the time when I start to totally freak out. I mean we have less than 2 months before he leaves. And I ask myself.....WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?? Ok ok...yes this is what was best for our family financially but it doesn't mean it makes it any easier knowing that he'll be leaving us for months at a time. Knowing all the things he will miss. The fact he'll be down under the water for who knows how long.........ugh. I just wanna cry THINKING about it!

Under it all though I know we'll survive. I know we'll endure through it and come out stronger in the end. And I'm proud of his job and what he does. In the mean time I'm banning myself from YouTube. There are way to many videos on there. Dedication videos to sailors and soldiers on deployment. Video's of their kids saying how much they miss their mothers and fathers. Ok, I'll stop now.

I'm not promising there wont' be more sad blogs though. Hmmm...you may just be lucky to really feel those heart felt feelings!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Great Debate

First off....this has to do with breastfeeding so some of my family members who read my blog.....if you don't want to hear some little details about my tata's...well you might want to skip over this one. Just a forwarning

Anyways, I'm part of a few groups that have support forums for breastfeeding moms. I even have one on facebook which I think I may end up dropping off because quite honestly...it's starting to irk me. Why you ask?? Because even though it's supposed to be to support women who decide to breastfeed...it turns into a bashing session again those to decide to formula feed. Not to mention the information that gets thrown around....well I just don't agree with it 100%.

My background: Monkey was formula fed from day one due to a medical issue. Toots has been exclusively breastfed (with the exception of solid foods since 8 months) since day one.

First everyone says that breastfeeding is so much healthier for the baby and in turn they will be healthier. Fewer colds, allergies, etc. Ummm....Ya right. In almost 6 years I can still count on one hand how many times Monkey has been to the doctor not counting her regular well checkups. In 10 months I'm moving to the second hand for counting purposes with Toots. That boy has had more issues than she ever had from a staph infection to strep throat to just having a nasty cold. Even now he's got a hefty cough we can't quite get rid of. On top of that I have a good friend (and I hope she doesn't mind me using the example!) whose son has had all kinds of allergies. He was breastfed I think till after he was a year old. Thankfully he has grown out of a lot of them but breastfeeding DOES NOT gurantee fewer doctor visits or allergy issues. To say so I think is very misleading.

Second...they say breastfed kids are smarter than formula fed kids. I have to wonder who in the world comes up with that information. Do they really poll people 20 years later to see whose smarter? Do they take into account social environments, education levels, experiences?? How can you really say that breastfeeding makes you smarter? Oh ya....my formula fed baby....she finished kindergarten reading on a 2nd grade level. She can do the math of a 1st grader. I wouldn't say she's exactly dumb would you?? My goodness if this concept were true I'd have a genius on my hands!!!

Third..they say you can't bond with your baby if they are on a bottle. While yes, I will conceed that breastfeeding is a experience unlike any other I would never say you can't bond with a bottle fed baby. You can still hold them, look into their eyes, stroke their face, etc. My bottle fed baby is just as much up my hiney as my boob baby is, if not more some times so I'd say we are definitely bonded.

Now to clarify...I support breastfeeding whole heartedly. As I said it is an experience like no other and I think all mothers should at least attempt it. Not to mention the cost of formula! However I don't think you are a failure nor do I think your child will be any worse off if you choose to use formula.

In addition it doesn't matter if you breastfeed for 1 day, 1 week, or 1 year +. As long as you are happy with your decision and your experience then what does it matter? I fully intend to wean my boy closer to his 1st birthday which I'm happy to report is like 6 weeks away! I'm not an extended breastfeeding momma and I've got a love/hate relationship with my pump. That doesn't mean my child will suffer because I didn't breastfeed him till he was 2 or 3 or what ever.

So for those of you who are expecting and thinking about what you may do(or my more experienced moms who know what I'm talking about)...don't worry about what all these people say and the harsh words they use. Just do what you are comfortable with and know....your child will love you whether you give him/her your boob or a bottle. Ultimately all that matters is that you both are happy, healthy, and well fed.

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