Sunday, August 2, 2009

Changes and a few steps!

Looks like there will be some changes in our house! This past Tuesday I realized it had been awhile since the auntie had shown up. So on lunch I ran up to walmart and bought the EPT. Needless to say i was still completely shocked when I saw that I I come up on the thing. I showed my coworker and my hands were shaking so bad I thought I might pass out!

So now our family of 4 is becoming a family of 5. Unless there is more than 1 which I'm not sure how I feel about that. I think it freaks me out just a tad to think that it might be. I'm really trying not to think about it until we can go to the doctor.

My first appointment is the 27th. Perfect timing cause Mr. X will still be here and will get to go. Yay!! I'm hoping that they will do the ultrasound just to date it as well as a visual heart beat and to confirm how many I'm acting as host for.

We have a lot of things we need to figure out. If we will get a bigger house, do we just have someone share a room here, what kind of van to get (cause 3 carseats are not going to fit in my car) and also how to handle my job. I'm not so sure that after daycare costs it will be worth it for me to be working. I may jsut be getting a paycheck only to pay it all into daycare expenses. To me, that means finding a way to stay home and keeping tha tmoney in our pocket. We'll see though. I've still got 8 months to go!

Course this is going to be another LONG pregnancy I'm sure. I always say I want to know early but then by half way through I'm kicking myself and wishing it was over with already.

Oh and in other big news today Toots is seriously trying to walk. He's been standing himself then taking 1 or 2 steps with out holding on before falling over. At this rate he's going to figure it out soon. Oh let the fun begin!

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