Friday, May 30, 2008

Doctors Appointment and What was she thinking?

So yesterday was the glucose test and my 26 week check up. Everything measured great for baby. Up another 3lbs for 14lbs total. Might seem a lot for some but compared to with J.....I'm a saint this time around. I think I can gained like 30lbs by now with J. So doing much better in that area. Baby E was doing great. He was bouncing all over so it was hard to catch his heart beat on the monitor but since hew as kicking at it h ard enough to move my belly, she wasn't too concerned.

On the flip side since they did the glucose testing I got to be poked and have my blood taken too. I don't think the girl really knew what she was doing since less than 24hrs later this is what I ended up with.

Also, yesterday morning one of our realtors int he building caught me as I was walking in and the first thing she said was "OMG you have gotten huge!!" Quickly followed by "Are you sure there is only one?". Seriously.....who says that to a preggo woman? Especially one almost 7 months but not quite there? And really....I don't think I've gotten that you??

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