Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jalepenos = Love

Are you scratching your head at that title??? LOL I know I blogged on the old site about how things were so much more different going through a pregnancy with a partner compared to all alone. I mean, with J I had nobody to help with the house cleaning, rub my feet, get me a drink, just do random stuff, etc. It was all me and if i wasn't doing it....well it just wasn't getting done. This time I've had to adjust to having that other person there doing those things for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but it is certainly more of an adjustment than some might thing. Cause right there with doing everything myself also meant I made all the decisions and choices. I didn't have to ask if that other person agreed that it was right or have to take into consideration/compromise with their opinion. So i guess there is a give and take on both sides. Now I get those little surprises and the help. Like last night. Such a long day yesterday and having to go to the dealership to drop off my car so they could fix the antena they broke in the carwash I didn't ask for. I swear it's always a problem when we go there but thats another story. Anyways, by the time we got home it was nearing 7pm and lets face it, what almost 7 month preggo woman wants to cook a full meal at almost 7pm after a long day at work and an hour drive home. If you said you would then your a saint and I bow I was thinking pizza sounded good and would just hope the weight didn't add on until after my doctors appointment today. My surprise is when I got home X already had planned out dinner. Not only did he plan dinner but he cleaned the dining room completely and the kitchen too. yes, there were dishes in the sink from the night before. Bad me!!! But he did them all, cleaned it up and started dinner. Dinner turned out to be baked waffle fries, beans, and home made burgers. Well frozen ones that we cooked on the foreman grill so any grease ran out and made them just a bit healthier than those fried McDonalds ones. We had all the fixings too....lettuce, tomato, creamy southwestern ranch sauce, pickles....mmmmmmmm. And then the topper....he bought me a fresh jar of sliced jalepenos. I was in heaven!! They say craving spicy food means your kid will be born with a full head of hair.....I think thats it. Well if it's true this baby is going to come out looking like cousin IT b/c I could eat jalepenos every day. Course my stomach lining and throat probably wouldn't survive but at least I'd be content with my craving. LOL needless to say we stuffed ourselves and I promptly laid on the couch and passed out. And yes....the dishes are still in the sink. :O)~

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