Monday, July 5, 2010


I was in Target Saturday picking up our weekly case of wipes and looking for July 4th outfits for the kids. Of course I can never just pass by the clearance rack so I checked it out. Came across this really cute shirt marked down to $3.


I thought it would be perfect for Toots since he is turning two in less than 2 months. I didn't pay much attention to the sizing but just looking at it I knew it would fit him so I put it in the cart and kept going. It wasn't until I got home and was putting things away that I caught the tag. It's a size 12 months. Yes, my soon to be 2yr old is wearing a shirt made for a 1yr old. Anybody want to bet his pediatrician tries to send us to some sort of therapy after our next well check?


Erin Schwamb said...

tell that Ped to stuff it. Your kids are healthy and happy--thats all that matters!

MommieVentures said...

My kids were always wearing on the small side. They would be 3 (the boys) and they could wear 12-18 months things. I think your kids are just fine! (& cute!)

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