Sunday, July 18, 2010

Word Explosion

I've always heard that kids who are slow to talk will just wake up one day and start talking. I don't know that I ever believed it though because I hadn't seen it personally. Monkey was early to talk and always spoke very clearly. Toots on the other hand is much slower with the talking. Up until about a week ago our conversations consisted of grunting, pointing, and screaming. He could say mama, dada, and sissy but not much else. There were a few other things he would say that we figured out over time but to a stranger who wasn't used to his speaking they would have no clue.

Then one day we were reading books and we always try to get him to repeat after us. And the boy just started saying the words. Not only saying them but saying them so we could understand him. Then a couple days later I hear him start talking in sentences. "Where did it go?" seems to be his favorite since we play catch and he often loses the ball.

It's just amazing to me to hear him talk and to be able to understand him. Now that he's getting words he is babbling more now too. I guess maybe he didn't see the point before?

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