Friday, June 4, 2010

Half Way

Today marks 6 months since Mr. X and I got married! I remember that day and thinking that even the 6 month mark seemed so far away. And yet here we are! Since I had fallen off the blogging wagon back then here's a copy/paste job of how it came to be since the whole thing was very short and sweet and to the point.

Friday, December 4, 2009 at 3:51pm
Yesterday Mr. X and I were out looking at furniture for his new "man room". We stopped at Olive Garden for lunch and as we were leaving he asked me if I wanted to have my anniversary present early. We had an hour to kill and our dating anniversary is tomorrow. Of course I said sure cause I suck at waiting for anything. Well he drives to the jewelry store and tells me we're looking for my engagement ring! Course my 1st thought was FINALLY!! LOL We looked around and didn't find anything that we could really say was it and we needed to get to my doctors appointment. So we left and said we would discuss some more and then come back after.

On the way to my appointment he tells me "I've been thinking..." and goes on to say that he thought it would be really neat to get married on our dating anniversary but since the courthouse wasn't open on Saturdays how did I feel about Friday. I pretty much was stunned. My 1st response was "but thats tomorrow!" LOL And so the plan was hatched.

After my appointment we went to a different store where he said he had found a set he really liked previously but wasn't sure if I would. Of course it's the one I love and we ended up buying it. We bought his as well while we were there so we were all set. I posted about the engagement ring about 4pm last night and of course everyone was so excited about it. I think the common response was "It's about time!".

So this morning we got up, got Monkey dropped at school and took Toots to our previous sitters house. Went down to the courthosue and by 10:30am we were married! To which of course I posted "Yesterday he gave me my engagement he gave me his last name". So it's all official. Still seems a bit unreal but honestly, I'm happy with the way we did it. It's exactly as I always said I would get married actually.

He has no family at all and I really have nobody I would want to invite that could make it. So a big wedding really wasn't in the cards for us. We're talking about maybe doing a destination get away after his next deployment and taking a couple of our very good friends with us to celebrate that way. Course that will be awhile but still something to look forward too.

Thats the story though.....very short....but sweet!

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Amy Edge said...

Thats a super sweet story! Congrats!

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