Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just a Snoozin

You know you have awesome friends when they will remain friends with you even after you fall asleep on them. Not literally "on" them....actually more like when your having a conversation with them.

A few nights ago I invited a good friend over for some girl time. We'll call her "K". Mr. X had duty which means he is gone all night and the kiddo's go to bed early so it's just me all by my lonesome. After so many days of nothing but kid talk I was more than ready for some adult conversation.

So K comes over after the kids are in bed and we're chatting away. She brought some yummy chocolate caramel candies and we're catching up on various craft things we have been working on. K does some amazing work with items you would never even think of! Before I know it it's like 11:30pm and the sleepiness hits me like a brick. Course I had been up since 5am and running circles with the kids so I was bound to be tired. I didn't think this tired though!

The next thing I know I blinked....or what I thought was a blink. It was a blink that was just a split second too long and my eyelids were glued shut. I could still hear K talking but I was definetely on the fast track to dream land. Until I jerk myself back to the real world totally embarrassed. K is still chatting on and of course I've gotta decide to I pretend like I didn't just doze off on her or not. LOL She paused and sat up like she was getting ready to leave and I just blurted it out..."I totally just dozed off on ya with out meaning to".

Of course she saw it and thankfully she doesn't totally hate me for it either. At least I hope!! So K.....I'm sorry for falling asleep while you were talking!! I swear it's not because your boring or anything like that. I was just having a battle with my eyelids and unfortunately for just a moment they whooped my butt!

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Kelly aka lostinbliss said...

Your going to make me cry. With everything so up and down I was so glad you asked me over. I told you to kick me out early. But like always we don't even have a chance to pause (or eat the chocolate) the time flies by and I feel like I just got there!! You only feel comfortable falling asleep with loved ones. Just don't judge me for spooning with you LOL Only true friends you can sleep with and blog about. Next time we will just need to start talking earlier in the day or have a big slumber party!!

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