Sunday, January 11, 2009

4 Months Old

Well Toots is 4 months old now. Well as of almost 2 weeks ago that is. We had his well check up last Tuesday and haven't had a chance to update on here. His stats are 13.8lbs and 25in. Tall and skinny the doc put it but right on track.


He's gotten more interactive in the last couple months, responding to our crazy antics in an effort to get him to laugh. He loves being sung too and just laughs hysterically most the time. He's perfecting rolling over, if he ever gets that arm out of the way, and he's figured out the jumperoo. We also did make the move to start introducing rice cereal.
The first taste
Numming on the spoon
Wait...where you going with that!
So far so good. He's taken to the spoon really well. He only gets about a TBSP at a time which isn't much but I'm not looking to make it a main food source or anything. It will probably be awhile before we start introducing anything else although I've already got my blender and freezer ready to go. I plan to do my own baby foods just like I did with Monkey. It's so much cheaper and it's really not that difficult. You just need to have the space to store it in the freezer really.
I gotta post this one too because his personally and temperment are really starting to show. In this one....that doggie is going DOWN!


Heidi said...

He is so beautiful! I just want to kiss those cheeks!

Katie said...

I make most of Em's baby food now too. I got some of those ice/food trays from babysrus and they make perfect serving sizes.

Em especially loves sweet potatoes, so I make a lot of those at a time because I know he goes through them. We don't let any of the solid foods be a main food source. He gets a cube to add on to lunch or add on to dinner, but he's still pretty much breast/formula fed for the most part. The boy can eat!! He's 17 lbs at 5 months... but he's not really chunky fat anymore... just kind of long and beefy.

Eli is getting so big and so cute! He has an adorable smile... I don't know if it resembles X's or not, cause X never smiles, lol.

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