Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Turtle

Having a boy after having a girl is such a different experience. We all know about the increased likely hood of getting peed on. And it also hitting us in the face or something. I hear it has to do with the cold air but Toots has apparently decided it's more than that. Or he just likes to keep me guessing. Anyways, I got so much advice after we found out he was a boy. You know like, make sure his little peepee is facing down in the diaper. Laws of gravity there I suppose. All the tips about getting him circumcized and how to take care of it. The one thing that nobody ever told it's true about the turtle. Know what I'm talking about??

Here's what happened. I was giving Toots his bath before bedtime and for now he has this yellow foam thing that just lays on the bottom of the tub. I had sat him up so I could wash down the back of his head and all that and when I looked down saw....well the turtle had disappeared into his shell!! Mr. X was in the bathroom with me and I pointed it out to him. His response..."Well it's cold in here". Seriously???

Now I've heard guys talk about that. You's so cold it shriveled up inside. But did anyone ever think that it REALLY happened? I sure didn't. I thought it was just a phrase, not something that actually happened.

Apparently it does though and my son was playing peek a boo with his turtle. I wonder what other surprises he has in store for me.

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Katie said...

Hehehe. The "turtle" is even more pronounced with not having been circumcised.

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