Saturday, April 25, 2009

Handmade Shorts!

So toots needs some shorts and since we're trying to save money it's not really condusive to go out and buy brand new clothes. Especially since I got my spiffy sewing machine and can just make them for $1! How you ask?? Using a dishtowel and some scraps of fabric. The ones pictured below took me about 45minutes to make this morning before work.

I'd say there was an extra 15 in there from stopping and doing photo's so maybe 30mins on average. Not bad really if you think about it. I picked up the dishtowel at the dollar store where there are actually lots of cute ones. I'd say try to stay away from those thin bubbly looking ones. You want something that will hold up as well as look good.

Here's the directions so you can make some too!

Start of with just a standard dishtowel Fold the dishtowel in half and then cut so you have 2 equal pieces.

Place both sides on top of each other and then fold in half again. With the finished edge towards you cut as shown below.

Seperate the pieces and lay one flat as shown. Finished edging should be closest to you

Here you will attach pockets if you want them. I used scrap fabric and cut in squares. to create finished edge fold over edges and sew around fabric before attaching to towel

Pin pocket to towel making sure to center. Put it closer to the bottom of the towel to create a cargo type pocket.

Repeat for other side for pockets on both.

Lay both pieces of towel together, lining up edges and so that it appears to be inside out. Pin cut out edges together and then sew making sure NOT to go down straight part. Just around curve part that was cut. Repeat for other side as well

Pin and sew the inside seam

Keeping shorts inside out fold over top to create waiste band. Allow enough room for width of elastic. Also be sure to leave an opening to feed the elastic through. Sew ends of elastic together and then turn shorts right side out.

This is the finished short before the elastic was put in.

And thats it!! I've got several more things I'm going to add up later. A girls skirt made from a dishtowel and then a kids apron made from a placemat. All for $1 or less!

Oh and as for sizing these would typically fit 6-12 months depending on the size of your kiddo. My 14lb shrimp requires me to hemp up the leg parts a bit or they hang down to his ankles.

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