Saturday, April 4, 2009

Marley and Me

Anyone else seen the movie yet? Ugh! I got it from Walmart yesterday and Mr. X and I decided to do a movie last night after the kids were in bed. It was a great movie, don't get me wrong. I actually really liked it. But man I haven't cried like that over a movie in a LONG time. Even Mr. X boohooed. Seriously. We were cuddling up and I could hear and feel the shudders going through him quickly followed by that tell tale sniffle. Ya we both just lost it at the end.

Over all a great movie though. Just a strong suggestion to have some tissues near by if you haven't seen it yet.


thornykat said...

I've got to rent that movie. I've hear too many people gush about it, lol.

Sweetrld said...

It was a great/sad movie. The book is pretty good too! I've only ever cried from reading 3 books! And this was one of them!

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