Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whut YOU doin'

I've been slacking on updating about us here lately and have just been posting about my awesome deals. I have more to score today so I'll post again later about that.

As for us we're hanging in there. I've come back to work full time which stinks really. I miss having more time with the kids, more time to take care of the house, more time to cook. Just having more time in general really! It's how it has to be though so I'll survive. It's wierd though cause when Monkey was a baby I would never have thought twice about working. I did it and I WANTED to do it. Now, I wish I could just stay with them all day. **Sigh** Oh well.

Mr. X is doing good too. Struggling with some big decisions lately. He's up for re-enlistment this year and is tottering on the fence on what to do. I actually want him to stay in. With the economy the way it is and the job market pretty much sucky I just don't think it would be a good idea. There is no telling how hard it will be for him to find a job not to mention the benefits we get. He doesn't want to stay in though. He works on a sub and staying in means being deployed again. That also means months at a time of no contact and all the things he will miss with the kids. Yes, I hate that he woudl miss that too but I'll take the lesser of two evils in this case. He's gotta decide pretty soon though so we'll see what happens.

Monkey is her normal self. Constantly gabbing about something or crying at the drop of a hat. She has turned into quite the little drama queen and is ultra sensitive. I'm so proud of her though. She can pretty much read anything and has a phenomenal memory. She got picked to do morning announcements next week so she's super excited about that but admitted she's nervous too. The poor kid is in kindergarten and going to read announcements out to everyone. I'd be nervous too! Her dad is still around although contact has tapered off a bit. She got an email on Friday from him that had pic's of him with her sisters. The youngest girl must definitely resemble her mom but the other one is similar to monkey. You could tell they are related at least.

Toots is growing like a week. Just last week he started army crawling and then on Monday pushed up on all 4's. Won't be long before i'm chasing him around the house too. He's finally started eating like crazy. The boy can put away some food! And he will try anything you give him. He must get that from Mr. X. He's pretty much figured out how to hold his sippy cup on his own now too. He's still not sleepign through the night though which is a battle we're working on. We're not doign the full cry it out method but we're not running in there at the first peep either. It's gotten down to just once at nice and thats getting later and later. Last night he slept from 6pm to 4am before wakign to eat than goign back to sleep till 6:30. I can't believe he's 7 months old now though...time is flying!

Guess thats it for now.


Anonymous said...

I did not realize your man was in the navy for some reason that slipped past me. Jason is up for re-enlistment in 3.5 years and I am already telling him to stay in cause of the economy. I guess I have to let that go and wait until that time comes. Deployments do suck ass. Jason leaves for 7 months in May. I will be fine, I worry about the kids.

Sapphire Mommy said...

ya deployments do suck but I see it as the lesser of 2 evils. I'd rather deal with being apart for a bit then constantly worrying about paying the bills or having what is needed. We'll see what he decides though. He texted me earlier and said that his chief is telling him to stay in. Gee....I wonder why! LOL As far as the kids the boy is too young to understand really. I think it would be an adjustment when he got back for sure. My daughter on the other hand, he's really the only dad she's known and she's quite attached. I think she would take it very hard.

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