Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yet more savings.....

Yes I know I've really only been posting about the things I save on but I jsut got so gosh darn it excited!!! I just can't help myself. I gotta say, I'm falling in love with Harris Teeter. Seriously, I get my best deals by far there. The store is always clean and the staff is awesome. Liek tonight I went and part of my order was huggies wipes. I had 2 coupons and seriously thought i grabbed 2 boxes. When one coupon wouldn't ring the cashier questioned it. I insisted that it was ok cause I had got both tubs of wipes. He called a manager who came over, didn't even ask what it was. Just swiped her card and accepted teh coupon. I got home and realized that I only got ONE BOX! Major oops there on my part but goodness...that was an extra $1 off my order. So yes, I heart them!

On to the good part. Here's what I got today and the breakdown.

Crest Prohealth mouthwash. Reg $6.29, Sale $3.99, Coupon $.75x2. Paid $2.49
Crest Toothpaste Reg $4.29, Sale $2.50, Coupon $.75x2, paid $1.00
Softsoap handsoap Reg $1.49, Coupon $.35x2, Paid $.79
Softsoap handsoap Reg $3.19 Sale $2.00, Coupon $.50x2, Paid $1.00
Franks Red Hot sauce Reg $1.29, Sale $.50, Coupon $.50x2 Paid $.00 ($.50 overage)
Huggies Wipes Reg $3.29, Sale $2.50, Coupon $.50x2, Paid $1.50
Soleil Razer Reg $7.39, Sale $2.94, Coupon $2.00, Paid $.94
Country Crock Reg $2.49, Sale $1.24, Coupon $.45x2, Paid $.34
Knorr Sauce(2) Reg $1.79, Sale $1.25, Coupon $.50x2, Paid $.75 each(2)
Breyers Icecream Reg $5.39, Sale $2.69, Coupon $.75x2, Paid $1.19
Uncle Bens Rice(2) Reg $2.29, Sale $1.67, Coupon $.75x2, Paid $.92 each(2)
Virginia Deli Ham Reg $6.49lb, Sale Buy 1 get 2 free, Paid $2.10lb (3lbs)


Original Total was $65.92, Paid $19.95, Total Savings $45.97

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Sweetrld said...

That's why I love Harris Teeter too! They accept all coupons no matter what! I also love the curb side ordering! I place my order online, drive up and give them my coupons and VIP card and they load the groceries into my car... I pay and voila! No screaming kids!

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