Monday, May 4, 2009

Day late and a dollar short

So Toots turned 8 months old yesterday. Wow is time flying! And now more than ever he is simply amazing me with what he can do, especially compared to Monkey. I'm beginning to think that either she was just too big to do much or she was just lazy. Hmmmm??

Eating issues? Don't exist! The boy will eat anything, nearly anything, that you give him. He's partial to sweet potatos, carrots, and any type of fruit. We've actually started giving some noodles, crackers, french fries, etc. Oh and he LOVES pickles. He got one the other night when we went out to dinner and he destroyed it. I think you could hear the slurping sounds the restaraunt. People had to stop just to say how cute he was as he devoured the thing.

Size wise he is still a little guy. I weighed him on the Wii fit not long ago and he was 14lbs 5oz. He can wear some 6-9 months clothes but onsies and shorts are still 3-6 months. I'm scrambling to find some summer type clothes for him as most of what I have is 9-12 months and way to big still. I had no idea he would be such a shrimp!

As for physically he is completely mobile now. Apparently being light has it's advantages. In the last few weeks he has not only figured out how to crawl, he can sit himself up from a laying down position, pull himself up to a standing position, and has now started cruising on the furniture. That last one happened tonight. Mr. X and I were sitting on the couch when we see his head pop up on the other side of the table as the then makes his way down trying to grab for anything in his reach. NOTHING is safe in our house anymore. I guess it's time to bust out the babygates and put away the knick knacks. Oh the joys!

Talking? Hmmm...he says mama still, mostly when he's upset and wants something. Mr. X is trying to convince him he should say dada instead. He loves to babble in the car though or blow rasberry's.

I honestly wouldn't be suprised if Toots starts trying to walk between 9-10 months if he keeps up at the rate he is now. I'm just not ready for it! I already can't believe we're only a few months out from his 1st birthday. I swear it took a lot longer to get to this point with Monkey. Or maybe it just seemed like it.

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