Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Aliens I Tell Ya!

So the last few days there have been strange happenings going on in our house. Now I realize some of you lucky lucky woman might view this as completely normal but not for me. Normal for me is I do EVERYTHING. Cleaning, cooking, kids....yup it's me. Do I complain?? Sometimes. Does it suck...sorta. Especially after some hard days at work and then coming home to sewing projects or something extra.

So whats been going on? Mr. X was abducted by aliens who brought back a new and improved model. One that cooks me breakfast in bed not 1 but 2 mornings in a row. He then proceeds to do laundry and pick up the living room. He even asks is there anything I would like him to do while I'm gone for my monthly bookclub meeting. THEN he proceeds to make dinner not 1 but 2 nights in a row. And don't be fooled, I'm not talking ordering Chinese or making Mac n Cheese. Last night was meatloaf, rice, and broccoli. Tonight was chicken parmesan, noodles, and asparagus. Oh and did I mention the fresh flowers bought for the dining room table?

I'm kinda wondering though how long the new model will function before something short circuits. In the mean time....I'm quite enjoying it!!

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