Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cereal Anyone??

Nabbed an awesome deal at Farm Fresh today. $1 coupons doubled!!! I had a ton of the $1 off 1 Kellogs cereals from a few weeks back that were printables. Kellogs is on sale this week for $2.50 a box. In addition buy 8 boxes and get an additional $5 off your total order. Mine is a little off because 2 of my coupons apparently didn't double but in the over all scheme of things I won't complain.

Thats 22 boxes of cereal!!! My total out of pocket today was $7.85. Thats for all the cereal plus I had to get a roll of Jimmy Dean Sausage and I got 2 boxes of those Kraft Bagel-fuls. Thats an average of $.31 per item. And to give you a real idea of savings the cereal on average is $3.99. Add in the bagelfuls and sausage and my original total at full price would be $97.25. I paid $7.85!!!! Thats a total savings of 92%!!

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