Thursday, May 21, 2009

Earning a few $$$

In addition ot savings as much sa I can on our grocery bills I'm always keeping an ear out for ways to earn a few bucks. There are 2 I've come across that I'm quite pleased with so far.

The first is You Data. You know those pesky ads that you see already? Well this site you get paid to look at ads!! Week one and there is just over $10 in my account. and they deposit directly to paypal. No I can't live off it and quit my regular job but sometimes all you need is just the couple extra $$$ to get by. Go HERE to check it out!

The second is Swagbucks. This one doesn't pay cash but rewards you in points for using their search engine. In 3 weeks time I'm up to 101 swagbucks and almost near getting a $25 Applebees gift card. I do a lot of searching through the day at work so I just set my homepage to the swagbucks page. It uses google and so they are reliable searches but give me the bucks at the same time. Go HERE to check it out!

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