Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Stock Piles where near some of the stock piles I've seen but this should give you an idea of where we are so far. I haven't pictured frozen stuff only cause you can't really see it since it's a 5cuft chest freezer but trust's packed full. Our regular freezer is packed full. So here is the main pantry in the kitchen. What you can't see is the 13 boxes of cereal on the top shelf.

Ok and these are overflow into the laundryroom.

Everything I got was probably a $1 or less each, most times free. like all that BBQ sauce, dressing, mustard, ketchup, the kraft dinners and kraft cups. Didn't pay a penn for them. There are 7 bottles of the Wisk HE detergent at $2 a bottle which is more than 50% savings on just that alone. I'm on a roll and loving it!! I'm just running out of room to store!


~Heidi~ said...

looking good! I need to build shelfs in the garage I too am running out of room. But Hey! Having more food then you know what to do with is not such a bad problem hehe! Good Job fellow frugaler :o) *clap*

Robyn said...

We have a utility shelf in our basement that we use for food storage. The problem I have is that since it's in the basement, I forget about it sometimes and a lot of things expire... Our new house has a HUGE pantry, that I'm super excited about! It's 4 times the size of the one we have now! Great job on the savings! It's cool to see what other coupon clippers score on!

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