Sunday, June 21, 2009

Starting at Walgreens

I've been wanting to take advantage of deals at walgreens for awhile now but have been really kinda afraid too because of all the horror stories I hear. Walgrees does whats called Register rewards where you will get a money off your next transaction when certain items are purchased. This week there were some good ones on toothpaste and deoderant so I decided to jump on the wagon.

First is the Aquafresh Advance toothpaste. There is a $1 off printable coupon. The toothpaste is on sale for $3 and you get a $3 register reward.

Second is Speedstick Deoderant. On sale for $2.99 and you get a $2 register reward.

You can roll these rewards into another transaction. So I started out with the speedstick. Since I had no rewards to begin with I paid the $2.99 out of pocket. I then did another transaction for the tooth paste. Now with walgreens a register reward is considered a coupon and you can only use 1 coupon per item. So for the toothpaste I had to use a filler which I got one of those individual packs of ramen noodles for $.29. After the $1 off coupon and the $2 RR my out of pocket expense was $.45 and I got the $3 rewards back.

I just rolled that into another deoderant. Another thing is if your item is less than the reward you have to use a filler. Even by a penny. So I just grabbed another ramen, the cheapest thing I could find. So my out of pocket was $.44 and got $2 back.

Went back to the tooth paste and just kept going.

Now since you have to do each of these transactions seperately (ex: you cant use a toothpaste reward to buy new toothpaste)I only did 4 transactions at 2 stores. There are tons of walgreens just with in a few blocks of me so going to several really isn't that big of a deal. I'll just carry some change so I'm not charging less than a dollar to my card over and over.

I sitll have a $3 RR I need to use by july 5th. Not sure if I"ll continue the deoderant/toothpaste roll or not. I may use it to get Lysol stuff.

Right now Lysol spray is on sale 2/$7 and giving back a $2RR. There are $1 off 1 coupons out there. So if I use the $2 in coupons, the $3 register reward and get back $2 I would essentially get them for free. On top of that the stores here have the cans packages with the free 35ct wipes. Can't beat that!

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