Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On the down slope to 12

9 months! The 3rd marked the day and yes I'm running late on posting this. Things have been a little hectic lately. But we are on the downhill slope to his 1st birthday. The next times he goes to the doc (barring any major sickness) for a well check will be after his 1st birthday. ***Sigh***

Toots had a couple new experiences in the last month. First was mothers day weekend, we went to the beach for a photo op with Robyn. His first trip and man was he facinated with the sand. We could hardly get him to look at the camera because he was so focused on the stuff. It didn't matter either how many times he got the stuff to his mouth and realized it wasn't all that tasty. He just kept on doing it. Since he's mobile too putting down a blanket didn't help. He just crawled off and kept going.

Memorial day weekend we went camping so Toots got his first sleeping outdoors experience as well. It was tricky. The first night was rough. He didn't really want to sleep. New place, lots of noice, and just unfamiliar to him. For my baby who actually prefers to sleep in his crib it was a rough night. The 2nd night though it got better. Course we wore him out at the water park, yet another new experience, which helped a bit too. He loved it though. All the attention and being out doors. Not to mention all the food that came his way.
His well check on Friday went well. He's up to a whopping 16.1lbs. Definetely the lighter of my two kiddo's at this age but considering how mobile he is it doesn't surprise me. Even at the office he was cruising along the wall behind the table they lay him on to check him. The doc said he seems to be developing just fine. He even uttered those words I dreaded ot hear. That toots would probably be starting to walk with in the month! Geesh. Can a mom get a break here? We are so not ready for that!

He's just such a happy go lucky kid and is finally starting to sleep through the night. Even Mr. X hadn't realized it till the other day he asked me if Toots had been waking up at night. Nope. Blissful sleep! So for now he's going down about 6:30-7pm and sleeping till about 6am. Most times he'll eat then go right back to sleep for a couple hours. was a long time coming thats for sure.

Thats it for now though.

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