Thursday, September 4, 2008

And A Child is Born

Can I just leave it at that phrase?? LOL So yesterday was the big day. I'm still amazed that it's all over and we now have our baby E in our arms. Following is the story of how he got here and all the joys that go with it. LOL
Needless to say I got NO sleep Tuesday night. Well some, I think maybe about 2 hours total. I dozed off on the couch and was woken up at about 1am with contractions that I now know really were the real thing since I've gotten to experience them unlike with J. I timed them till about 4am where they were reallys tarting to hurt, decided to take a shower and then if they still came would call the doc and see about going to the hospital early. Course after the shower everything slowed down. I was actually able to lay down on the couch and doze off for a few minutes before the alarms started going off to get us up. X got up and around and we left the house about 6:30am. I had called the hospital a little before to make sure we were still good but they couldn't tell me until closer to 7am. So we headed in with teh hope that it would all work out.
Got to the hospital at 7:30am and was told we would have to wait about 2hrs. They had several c-sections and although there was a room available there were not enough nurses to cover yet. Once the c-sections were done then they would bring us back. So we hung out in the waiting room watching tv until about 9am when X decided he needed breakfast and would torture me with watching him eat Sausage and Biscuits with gravy. Only a few minutes after we sat down though the nurse called to tell me that they were ready for us. So we unloaded the car and headed to the maternity floor.
Got settled in the room and started on Penicillan about 9:30am and just settled in for the long wait ahead. I had tested positive for Group B Strep and had to take the antibiotics before he was born which took about 4hrs. Doc didn't want to start things too quickly b/c of how fast J came when I was induced with her. So we watched a couple movies...our hospital is nice. We have real cable with a bunch of movies you can pick from like On Demand stuff.
About 11am they started me on Pitocin. I was having contractions but not very strong ones. It didn't take too long to start feeling them but it was manageable so I held off on getting the Epidural. About 2pm the 1st round of meds were done and the doc wanted to break my water. I requested to get the epidural 1st b/c at that point the contractions were really starting to take a toll. So the epi guy got there and on the 3rd attempt got everything going nicely. it didn't take long for that big initial dose to kick in and I was numb from the chest down. i could still feel enough to move my legs but they just felt like giant logs attached to my body.
About a little after 3pm the doc came in and checked me at 5cm and broke my water. I managed to doze off for about an hour after that which was nice to get a bit of a nap in and just shows ya I wasn't feeling a thing. At about 5pm the doc checked me again and we had only made it to a 6. I tried not to act disappointed cause I was so hoping it would just go fast like J. Little did I know. A few minutes later I started feeling more of the pressure down low so the nurse checked me again and in 15mins had gone from 6 to 8. The pressure kept building and no matter how many times we hit that epi button it wasn't even touching it. I couldn't feel any contractions but i could feel EVERYTHING else. With in 30 minutes we were at 9.5 and then only a few minutes later a 10. So basically from 6-10 in an's that for quick?
Got things set up to start pushing and I knew even then this was going to be rough. I could feel every bit of the pressure although it hadn't reached a point of being pain just yet. After a couple pushes doc said his head was turned sideways and looked to be pretty big so it was going to be some work to get him out. GREAT! LOL She did some things to help get him turned and then we were on our way again.
At this point I could feel the pressure of the contractions but not the pain of them so I knew when I needed to push. Right at the end though....I seriously just wanted to take it all back! The pain of him coming had set in and I could feel every bit of him coming. I remember at one point it was almost over and the nurse told me to wait for the next contraction and I told her heck no...he was coming NOW. I had to get him out and get it over.
And at 7:15pm it was. Baby E arrived screaming!! He weighed in at 8lbs 8oz, 21 inches long. He really does have a big head and looks so much more solid than J. Even though there is only a pound difference between the 2 he feels so much heavier. Maybe it's just stocky??
So far everything is going great. I was up about an hour after moving around and feeling totally fine. No tears or anything so there is really no pain at all. Just some minor cramping but thats normal. I can get up and around on my own and have only taken a Motrin although I probably could have gone with out it. We're working on breastfeeding and he is getting better at it. It's a learning thing for both of us since I never did it with J. Definitely quite a feeling.
So thats it and now for the best part!!

Getting his footprints


The three of us
With big sis J
All cleaned up and cozy sleeping


Anonymous said...

He's so chunky :) It's SO cute! He's adorable, and you look so happy. Good luck with the breast feeding. We're about 2 weeks into it now and it's seemingly going well, only my nipples are screaming bloody murder (I'm trying Dr. Newman's nipple ointment- hopefully that'll help). Only thing is, your body naturally produces less milk at night, which makes for a fussy baby at bed time-so beware, haha. Anyways, congrats again. I'm glad he's finally here!!

(btw, if you're planning on supplementing or alternating between breast and bottle, I HIGHLY recommend the breast flow bottles, they're amazing and really to simulate the "let-down").

Tashia said...

Congrats girl! I love reading birth stories. I hear ya about dilating fast. I went from 7 cm to 10 cm in like 5 minutes. I thought she was pulling my catheder out it hurt so much. I too could just feel the contractions and had the urge to push and felt everything unlike with my son. I was like this baby is coming and coming now and the widwife was like "go for it." I had her out in a few minutes. BTW, this is Tashia from myspace.

Heidi said...

He's GORGEOUS! Such beautiful skin and color! And so squishy with fat cheeks that I could kiss for hours. You look beautiful, Chrystal - even after just giving birth! Big hugs from all of us out here. I wish we could be there!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! He is adorable. You must be happy to have it all over & done with. So, when you having the next one?! LOL! J/K. Let us know if you need anything. We deffinatly wanna come and see him so, let us know when you are all settled at home. TTYL.
Oh, Hillary had her baby last Thurday & Patrick's sister had her baby Tuesday. Wow, so many babies are being born! Makes me wanna have another one. :p

Sweetrld said...

Can't wait to meet the little guy! :)

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