Friday, September 26, 2008

Cause I'm Right Darn It!

So Mr. X and I got into a "debate" tonight about his inability to put a trashbag into the trash can after he takes out the trash. And me being the stubborn girlfriend that I am will, instead of putting the bag in myself, either leave the item on the counter or if it's something messy actually put it in like a walmart bag and put it beside the can. Crazy right?? But I swear I have a perfectly valid reason for it. To clarify since I'm off work and not getting a paycheck at the moment I'm not contributing towards the mortgage or utilities. I have covered all groceries, baby items, and made sure my bills are paid up till I get another check though. Now, b/c of my lack of income though and the fact that I'm home all day I've been deligated to handle all household cleaning. And X takes it seriously. I questioned why he couldn't even put the condiments back in the fridge from when he made a sandwhich and was told thats my job until I'm paying the bills. blah blah blah I won't even go there with the whole equality thing and crap. It's easier to just clean things up. Sadly I'm sure I'll still be doing all the cleaning even after I'm back at work. Anyways, the only thing X does do is take out the trash. And since part of taking out the trash is replacing the bag....well I stand firm that he should complete the job. Only fitting right? I mean thats his one "job". And if the situation were reversed I know he would do the same darn thing!!

Ok, I know this is pathetic right?? I guess our problems could be worse.


Michelle said...

Honestly, Thomas does the same crap. I work 2 jobs but he still expects me to be super woman and keep the house clean, keep up with the laundry and still have "time" for him, lol! Men never grow up in my opinion, craziness!

Still here with all my hair.... said...

don't get me started. start "bill" him for all your work. Housekeeping, laundry, nanny services....then he can talk about who does what crap. I know he's gonna expect you to keep it all up when you get back to work...better get him in his place now honey.

Tony knows better.

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