Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Moby Time

Broke out the moby wrap this mornign to try it out when taking J to the bus stop. Took a few tries to get it where I think it should be and I think we got it right. E didnt complain and slept the whole time snug as a bug. I was comfortable. Didn't feel awkward and or like I needed to support him in any way. So I think we got just being mobile in it down. Next task....nursing in it. Now that should be interesting.

Here's a pic for review. Just ignore the fact that I haven't made it to the shower yet and need a few more hours of sleep!



Sweetrld said...

Isnt it awesome?? Did I give you the manual?? I have the users DVD right here.... Maybe I should send that to ya... :)

Sapphire Mommy said...

no manual but i found one online that has pictures and everything.

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