Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can we ban commercials?

I know over the years there have been tons of studies done about the effects of movies and tv shows on kids and teens. About how they mimick actions they see and thats why it's recommended to monitor their tv usage and the programs they watch. There is even programming available in cable and sattelite boxes that let you restrict channels based on ratings. Now the question is...do they do the same for commercials? The recent Levi commercial is the talk of the week around here. If you haven't seen it yet check below. Frankly my jaw hit the ground the first time I saw it. If you have never seen it before the last thing your thinking is it's a blue jean commercial. Second....are they blatantly encouraging sex on the commercial?? And not only that....between 2 very young looking people??? There are so many "messages" in this thing it's not funny and they aren't good. Seriously....when do they draw the line???

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