Friday, December 12, 2008

A New Wish

These days everything is all about technology. The latest, greatest, fastest gadgets. Up till recently our house wasn't full of those things although it's slowly changing with the recent addition of the Wii. (I'm still holding out for the Wii Fit too!) While online I came across this really cool digital photo frame. I know what your thinking. There are photo frames all over the place...whats so great about them? Well this one has wi-fi capabilities. That means that when you set up the plan then anyone from your family or friends can send photo's to the frame, regardless of where they are. Why do I think that is great? There is a chance that Mr. X may stay in the military next year and if he does it's basically guaranteed that he will be deployed somewhere. What better way to send him all kinds of new photo's of the kids with out even having to log into a computer. Plus, he doesn't have to have computer access to get the photo's. It would be a win-win situation for us. The photo frame is made by CEIVA. They have a really cool web page up right now that lets you load a picture and "sit" on Santa's lap. You can check out the website HERE. They have a good deal going on where you can get $100 off the purchase of the frame. Plus they have a contest going on where you can register to win $500. You can't beat that now can you? So go check it out and be amazed as I was. Besides Santa wants to know...have you got a wish?

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