Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Everyone is doing it so I figure what the heck....I've got another 40 minutes till the ball drops, ringing in 2009 so why not post a blog about 2008. Hopefully I won't bore you to tears!! This last year definitely was an interesting one for sure. I remember exactly where I was this time last year. I just had found out I was expecting baby #2 and had no idea what the heck was going to happen. Mr. X and I really didn't know each other that well so I was terrified he would take off like Monkey's dad did. The thought of being a single mom of 2 is a bit scary although I'm sure I would have figured it out if it had come to that. But that's not the issue so enough of that.

I would say that everyone's goal for each year should be to end it on a better note than it began. Right? They always say go out with a bang. Wait, I think thats what they say...I think I may be too tired from staying up this late! Anyways, this past year definitely had a rocky start. Mr. X and I stuck it out and it was definitely rough going. I had to get past my issues of not having control over every single aspect of my life and he had to get used to the idea of a ready made family with another on the way. It turned out ok though.

January and February are a blur as I had horrid morning sickness. March was spent making up missed sleep and packing up my condo. By April Mr. X and I were living together. We found out in May that baby #2 would be a boy and spent the remaining months "debating" over his name. In June Monkey finished pre-k. In July we moved into the new house. August I transfered to a new office location closer to home. Finally in September Toots arrived. September and October I got to stay home on "maternity leave". Yes, I quoted that b/c I was never really and truely off. I was still dealing with work stuff from home. Returned to work end of October and by November had rearranged my work schedule to now work from home. Then of course the holidays through November and December. I lost someone very near and dear to me in December and got to make an unexpected trip home which also meant my family got ot meet Toots afterall.

2008 in all it's glory has been a very long yet very busy year. Honestly....I don't know that I ever thought we would be where we are now. I have to say that I'm happy though. I'm glad that life has taken me down this path and brought me to where we are now. Sometimes I like to even think Mr. X is happy too. LOL Really, he is though. At least thats what he says when it's just him and I snuggled up at the end of the night.

Content. Thats another word I would use. I don't even regret or miss my old lifestyle. I'm perfectly happy to stay at home with the kids and Mr. X just relaxing or something. I love cooking again and trying new recipes. I get to spend way more time with the kiddo's than I ever did when Monkey was a baby.

Over all I'd say that my year is ending better than it began. And if the trend continues...then that means 2009 will be even better!

Happy New Year to Everyone!

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