Thursday, December 18, 2008

Google by Another Name

We're all familiar with Yahoo, AOL, and Google search engines. Everyone has their own preference on which one works best for them. Personally, I've been using Google these days. Mostly because I use the gmail email now. I LOVE their spam filter. Yahoo's couldn't hold a candle too it especially with how bad spam mail is these days. Anyways, I got a chance to check out Shiny Search to see how it worked and such. Honestly, it looks like google with another name. The difference is I can completely customize how the page looks. I chose the super mom one. Pretty fitting don't you think? You can also personalize it with a name and there are various links right from the search engine page. Also, it appears they use google as the actual search engine too. Bottle line though is they all go to the same place in the end. It's just how do you want it to look when your typing in what your looking for I suppose. It should be interesting though to see if they expand the site at all from where it's at now.


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