Monday, December 22, 2008

Playing Santa

Well really Ms. Clause if you want to be technical. But Christmas is getting more and more complicated the older Monkey gets. As I was wrapping presents today i had to think about various things. Like the fact that she is learning to read. That means I can't leave packing labels on boxes anymore. All those Walmart site to store labels...I had to pull them off the boxes I was using.

Another thing is I had to buy gifts for Toots to put under the tree and in his stocking. Originally I wasn't going to get him anything. He's 4 months old. He's not going to know any different. But for Monkey how could Santa possibly forget Toots!! So he's getting a couple toys and some rattles/teethers. We even had to include the 2 cats in the stocking line up which meant getting them a couple things. So basically monkey is costing me more money too. LOL

Over all though I'm excited. I so can't wait till Christmas morning that even I find myself counting down the days. I picked up the last of her ballet stuff tonight. Well, I still need to get her ballet shoes but she really needs to be with me to make sure they are sized and fit properly. I'd rather not guess on those. I know she is going to be thrilled when she finds out she starts lessons in January. She is constantly twirling around the house and running around in her little leotard. Plus it's something just for her. She won't have to share with Toots in any ways.

So is everyone else ready for Christmas??? It's only like 48hrs away!

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