Monday, December 8, 2008

Let it Snow!

So we went back home this past weekend due to my step-mom's passing. It was an interesting trip. Very long and tiring but I'm glad I got to see my family and be with them as we celebrated her memory. On the way home though the weather got interesting. It had started to snow before we left so we decided to leave several hours earlier than planned to try and get ahead of it. So didn't happen. 12hrs into the trip and we still weren't even in Virginia. Didnt' help we were only going 25mph and sliding down the side of a mountain. I got X to agree to a room for the rest of the night and we crashed. Finally made it home 24hrs after we 1st left for home. Here is a pic of the snow the next morning.

I definitely don't miss all that snow. And the cold!! While we were home I ran out one morning to get things for breakfast. Sporting my typical flipflops and it was 11 degrees out! My car was completely frozen over and I of course don't own an ice scraper. Needless to say...I like being back home. Ya, it's a bit chilly but at least I don't have to let my car warm up for 30 minutes before I can go somewhere.

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