Sunday, February 15, 2009

After V-Day

Well I hope all of you had a great day yesterday. Ours was for the most part uneventful. I'd love to say it ended on a perfect note but our 1st night out with out kids in over a year wasn't exactly perfect.

I was woken up bright and early to a dozen roses and a card from Mr. X. Monkey received a dozen for her self as well and was oh so proud of them. She decided to name the stuffed animal she got Valentine.

Mr. X had to work yesteday so I spent most of the day cleaning, doing laundry, and taking care of the kiddo's. We met up with a couple friends for lunch to get out for a bit. I'm always up for good food and conversation.

Then finally last night we were heading out for our date night. The first for just the 2 of us in over a year so we were well over due. Course Mr. X decided to make it more interesting. We weren't on the road more than 5 minutes when the car started heading right towards the ditch. The road wasn't that wide anyways so we didn't have far to go. I immediately grabbed for the oh crap handle that doesn't exist and yelled at Mr. X to stay on the road. He thought it was hysterical that I freaked out but considering it was my side of the car heading for it I think I had a pretty good reason.

We saw Confessions of a Shopaholic which was awesome. Totally loved the movie and even he got into it. Laughing most of the way through, it had a pretty good story line and the actors were good. No mishaps at the theater, just 90 minutes of quiet while we munched on buttery saltery popcorn and balanced it out with diet coke.

Afterwards we headed to the steak house for dinner. The wait time was really short but it was almost 9:30pm and it's not really on a main road so I don't think a lot of people know about it. We've been there several times before and I've loved their food so even though it wasn't fancy I figured it would still be good.


The hostess seated us with our bread rolls and non of their famous cinamon butter. She also didn't leave any silverware. About 10minutes later the butter was delivered to our table and away she flew before we could even utter the words "silverware please!". Finally our waiter shows up and takes our drink and appetizer order. I also made my 1st request for silverware. Time ticks by and our appetizer comes out, the baby blossom which is very similar to the bloomin onion only smaller.

NO SILVERWARE. Enter 2nd request. He also takes our order for dinner which we asked to have Mr. X bowl of Chili and my salad brought out ahead of the meal.

We started munching on the blossom to which we discovered it was still 1/2 uncooked batter. Yuck! Awhile later another waiter brings Mr. X his salad. Like 10minutes later my salad finally arrives. And it was just a simple house salad, nothing complicated. At this point we told the waiter about the blossom being only 1/2 cooked. He promptly took it promising to remove it from our bill. As he starts to walk away I call him back.....Um still no silverware?? Was he expecting me to eat my salad with my fingers???

Finally a little while later he delivers our silverware. I unroll mine to find that the napkin is dirty. Double yuck. At this point Mr. X was over it so he takes mine and gives me his so I can eat my salad.

Awhile later our main dish comes out. Now, I am kinda particular about how my meat is cooked although i will let some slide because I know it can't be perfect every time. I draw the line though when I order it well done and it comes out bright pink and oozing. Triple Yuck. At this point we called a manager over and complained. And while we were talking we discovered that lovely sweet potato that Mr. X ordered had no brown sugar on it. Just some melted marshmallows on a plain sweet potato. Anyone ever had a plain sweet potato?? Ewwww

Needless to say we were over the meal before our check even arrived. Add insult to injury the waiter never even acknowledged how so much was wrong, I don't even think he knew my steak got sent back. Not one single part of our entire meal was even right. Thankfully we made light of it althogh i seriously doubt we'll be going back again. Granted, it was Valentines night but they were far from busy so there really should be no excuse.

On a good note I got my Valentines gift at dinner. A white gold heart shaped diamond necklace. pretty!! Toots loves grabbing at it though so I have a feeling we're going to want to invest in a heavier chain eventually.

So that was our night. Hope yours was a blast!

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Sweetrld said...

Well... me being a server, I know that this happens A LOT and it is wrong... in no way am I saying that you should have been treated like that. But most of that is not the servers fault... It was the hostess and kitchens fault. The server didn't go back and cook your steak. Our grill side cook is pretty good, but on his days off, we have some crack head who doesn't do the job right and I've learned to ask the costumer before leaving the table if it's cooked to their liking... I shouldnt have to though, right? It's crazy how many people go into making that meal right!

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