Saturday, February 21, 2009

Proving I'm Right?

I can totally understand having to back up your thoughts or opinions in some situations. Like if you were a scientist or an inventor or something. But when it comes to regular day to day stuff which is mostly based on experiences and preferences.....why would you have to prove yourself??

Mr. X and I had a "discussion" this evening over his requirement for me to prove I'm right when ever I tell him something. It could be something so basic like Toots should start off with things like sweet potato's first instead of fruits so that he will eat the veggies and not be stuck only on fruits. Yes, I realize that it's not the end of the world if he likes his fruits but I want to get him liking the veggies first. Anyways, why should I have to go online and pull up research proving that this can happen?? Thats just one example too.

So tonight, I don't even remember how we got started on the subject actually, but we were talking about it. And I told him how it makes me feel like he doesn't trust my knowledge or that maybe he thinks I'm not as smart as he is. That sometimes you just have to trust experience and day to day trial and error. Course he tells me it's the Navy training in him...he needs to be proven wrong to accept what someone else says.

Seriously? Is anyone else like this? I have never in my life had to defend every single statement that I make. Do you have any idea how irritating and frustrating it is to have someone tell you your wrong on everything or to prove that what you say is right? It SUCKS.

And get this...we couldn't even make it away from the table before he did it again. I had made a comment about I was going to start unplugging things to test out a theory I have. See up till December our electric bill has been about $50-$60 a month. Just a tad more when the A/C was on but not much. When January's bill came it was $120. February's was $160. The sad part is our heat runs off gas so I can't even blame it on that.

The only thing that changed was we got the new HDTV, Wii, and Xbox 360 in December. Of course then there are the battery charges that go with them. All things that are constantly sucking up electricity even when they are off. Maybe not much but enough. So I wanted to test a theory and see if by unplugging them it would make a difference in our usage. A theory and a test is what I'm thinking.

And he tells me that I need to prove I'm right that it will work because it can be detrimental to electronics to unplug them all the time. Ya, maybe if you were doing it 50 times a day and creating constant power surges to the unit. Not to mention we have all our electronics plugged into a surge protector and so even if it did a small surge chances are it wouldn't even hit the electronics themselves.

For us though we're only talking maybe twice a day. Once in the morning when I leave for work and then again at night before we go to bed. Right now it's been unplugged since like 9am! Men...the thing is I could have done this and he probably would have never known. I should have just kept my mouth shut.

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