Monday, February 23, 2009

The Year I Was Born

1. What was the population of the world?
4.378 Billion

2. Who were the President and Vice President?
James Earl Carter & Walter F. Mondale

3. What was the US Population? (Different from the world population)

4. Name one US Event that showed up in the "U.S. Events" section.
Ohio agrees to pay $675,000 to families of dead and injured in Kent State University shootings (Jan. 4).

5. Median Household Income?

6. Unemployment Rate?

7. Cost of a US Postal Stamp.

8. Who Played in the Superbowl? Who won?
Pittsburgh d. Dallas (35-31)

9. NCAA Football Champs?
Alabama (12-0-0)

10. One Entertainment Event you found interesting.
The Sugar Hill Gang releases the first commercial rap hit, "Rapper's Delight," bringing rap off the New York streets and into the popular music scene.

11. Name a famous person who died.
Nelson Rockefeller

12. I was born in the year

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