Friday, February 20, 2009

Well That Was Fast

So I'm still trying to catch up from all the things that have happened the last few weeks. I seriously have so many blogs started that I haven't finished yet. This one though I wanted to get out.

most of you know that a few weeks ago Monkey's dad called me out of the blue talking about how he wanted to get to know her and be involved and all that. Apparently his grandfather passed away and it made him think about life and the choices he made as well as the mistakes.

I've always said that I would never prevent him from knowing her so we put things in motion for it all to begin. A few days after that call she got her 1st card. And the child was head over heals. We had to immediately go to Wally-world and get a card to send back to him. And since Valentines was just around the corner she insisted on one of those heart filled ones. She also drew a picture that was the two of them with big hearts floating above their heads and wrote him a letter.

It seemed at first that he really was serious about all this. He called the Tuesday after he sent his 1st card to make sure she had gotten it. It had jsut come the day before. I let him know Valentines day that she got his 2nd one and then Sunday night he called and they talked for the first time ever.

I couldn't listen to the was just too rough for me hearing her talking to her "daddy". I realize she's only 5 so for her the fact that he hasnt' been around before this was completely washed away. For me though it just kidna irked me to be honest.

Before we hung up that night he told me that he would be calling again Friday night (tonight) to talk to her. Well he never did. I realize that it's only 1 time and maybe something really did happen and he just couldn't get the call in. Maybe I'll never know.

I can't help but worry that he's going to disappear. Even just this slight contact is going to make it hurt horribly for her if he doesn't follow through. She's always had so many questions and has cried several times b/c he had never called or seen her. Now that she's had some contact it will most likely be 100x's worse.

So I can't believe I'm saying this but keep your fingers crossed that it was just a fluke. I may not like him at all but i don't want my baby girl getting hurt!

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Sweetrld said...

It'll happen a few times, but you know... he wasn't perfect before the contact... he's not going to go from that to being dad of the year. I do hope and pray though that he realy is serious and sticks to it for Jayden's sake.

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