Thursday, July 31, 2008

A little more math

Today is the last day of July!! So officially as of tomorrow I can say I'm due "in a month" or "next month" and it will really be true. Although shhhh, don't tell anyone....I've been saying that for a little bit to strangers just to avoid the crazy comments and wierd stares! LOL Course i could always just say "in a few weeks"....hmmm that even sounds better! Anyways, last day of July means that starting tomorrow I have 18 days till baby is considered full term meaning the doc won't stop labor. I have 27 days until they will schedule to induce if he hasn't arrived on his own. Leaving a max of 35 days left until he arrives based on when doc said when my most likely scheduled date would be. Besides the count down till baby arrives we also have 2 days until we move into the new house, no more than 21 working days left, and 33 days till J's 1st day of Kindergarten. Anyone else saying HOLY CRAP!

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