Monday, July 7, 2008

Repeating HIstory?

Seriously, can we go one year that I'm pregnant with out ahving a hurricane? LOL Listening to the weather this morning I heard that we now have Bertha out in the Atlantic. Granted it's likely that she will turn north and never come near us but one of the storm tracks has her coming this way too. It just depends on those eastern winds pushing her away or not. I hope they do!! I already went through having one child during a hurricane. I refuse to do it again and I hope nobody else has to either. Being in the hospital during a hurricane is horrible! No hot water, no hot food, no tv, no visitors, NOTHING. I seriously checke dout of there as soon as humanly possible just b/c I was so much more miserable in the hospital. Even though i had no idea if we even had power at home. Thank goodness for living behind a major shopping center cause we got it shortly after I got home. Granted where we will be at this time is different but more babies during a hurricane!!!

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