Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Obnoxious Coworker and a Funny

I'm kinda curious as to how some of you would handle a situation. There is this lady i work with who is sooooooo obnoxious. Honestly, thats the only term I can even think of to describe her. There are 5 of us women in this office location and it seems like no matter who is talkign to who about what or when, this lady has to butt in with her 2 cents and her stories which always seem to try and top what is already being said. Now me being hormonal....see below post....I'm tempted to tell her to please go away. Well maybe not that nicely but we know that wouldn't be a good idea. It's not that we mind her participating in the conversation but it's not a freakin competition and it really is like she has to one up everyone else. And her manner is....well annoying. She is very aggresive when she speaks so she literally takes over the conversation and it's all over from there. It's getting to where the rest of us really don't talk about anything but work while she is around b/c we don't want to have to deal with her!! So what would you do? Just ignore her or say something?

As as for a funny oen of my other coworkers had me cracking up today. The not so funny part is he goes in on Thursday due to a tumor in his brain from cancer. Since he will be otu for awhile I'll be filling in for him to take care of his customers and all that. We've worked together for 6 years and he's always been there for me so I certainly don't mind helping him out as much as i can. Anyways, he called me today about a system issue he was having and after we fixed it we were talking about me taking over his workload. He tells me "You know, don't take this the wrong way but I was thinking last night i don't know whats worse. Me with a brain tumor and doped up or you 8 months preggo! Seems like a pretty even trade". Now not knowing him or me really you might not get why that is so funny but for him and I it was hysterical. So thats my funny for today.


Sweetrld said...

I know someone EXACTLY like that, and I ignore it... I just know that she plays up some of her "stories" and whatever she wants to think is fine... I choose to leave it be... BUT... I know how you must be feeling!

Michelle said...

Some poeple like one up others and its just thier stupidity uncovered is all! I miss working with you! I hope your friend with the brain tumor is ok and WOW...8 months already!!!! I have a blog now too sweetie so keep in touch.....

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