Sunday, June 22, 2008

3 rooms = 1 Baby

Today was our official hospital tour. Although I've been through this before, baby E will be arriving at a different hospital and I really wanted to know their lay out adn procedures and all that. Although this new hospital has some benefits the other one did not, like free movies and wireless internet access it also has the disadvantage of the whole process being spread out over 3 rooms. 4 if for some reason you end up in an unplanned c-section.

First there is the lovely triage where they get to monitor you for a bit to make sure you really are in labor, get you changed into a gown, do some initial paperwork, etc. Then there is the delivery room where you go unless it's a planned c-section. nothing special about that unless your intrigued by the transformer bed and such. Then finally there is the recovery room when you spend the 48hrs after baby arrives. No guarantee that itw ill be a private room either. They have some private but if it's really busy then people start going into the semi-private rooms which share tv's adn bathrooms and all that. Personally, I really hope there is no full moon when this babe decides to arrives. The idea of hanging otu there for a complete stranger to see.....just not enticing to me.

Course being back in the hospital on a maternity floor just makes ya realize how close it is. Only 7 more weeks till we are considered full term and he could arrive any time. With the GD and blood pressure issues it wouldn't surprise me if he were early either. And to think......we haven't even put together the nursery yet!

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