Sunday, June 8, 2008

I failed...

The majority of preggo woman have to take that dreaded 1hr glucose test. You know where they fool you into drinking something that is supposed to resemble either orange or red soda but it's highly concentrated sugar. Then they draw your blood and make sure your body is processing the sugar right. Well I got the results on mine and apparently didnt' do well at all. So instead of just treating us for the issue the doctors apparently think it would be great to torture us some more and perform a 3 hour test. yes, it's exactly what that says. You drink even more of that dreadful drink, then wait around for 3 hours for them to draw blood and check results again. Only then if you fail do they proceed with treating you. If you pass well just went through that pretty much for nothing and your 1hour test was probably a fluke. Tomorrow...I get to be one of those lucky people to experience the 3hr test. not only do I get to experience it, I have to be at the hospital by 6:40am. That means leaving my house by 5:15am at the latest to allow for travel time an ddropping off J. On top of that...I can't eat a single thing before the test. So it means it will probably be close to 11am before I can get a bite to eat. From past experience...that won't be a pretty site. In fact, from past experience I wonder if I'm even more likely to fail this one too. We'll see I guess.

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Sweetrld said...

Good Luck tomorrow! I do hope that it's all for nothing!

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