Friday, June 27, 2008

6 years

I've been at my job officially now 6 years today. And it's a running joke in my office that it's surprising I didn't quit in the first month or get fired with in the first year. I'm fairly well known for stating my opinions and not always in the best of ways. Come on though, would you expect less? I'm a hot headed red head who comes from a long line of bad tempered women. LOL I know I've come a long way in the last 6 years though. Seriously, if some of you knew me in those early days, surely you would have fired me. Ok, I'm not saying that with pride. Maybe more like astonishment myself. Because I guess it means I really am growing up. Gone are my days of job hopping and just floating through life. I think one year I filed like 8 w2's for my taxes the year before. You do the math.......not so pretty is it?

My boss called me this morning to say happy anniversary which is shocking to most of us here. Usually any birthday or anniversary is forgotten until a few weeks later when he happens to glance at his calander. Our conversation went something like this...

"Happy Anniversary"
"Good grief I can't believe you remembered! So what do I get after 6 years being here?"
"You just got it..."
"A phone call??"
"Geesh, I need one of those t-shirts then that say...."6 year working anniversary and all I got was a lousy phone call. I complained and they finally got me this t-shirt".
"You don't even want to see what I got at 6 years"


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