Monday, June 16, 2008

Seriously people...

I have been meaning to post this all weekend but we actually got pretty busy and I hadn't had a chance yet. This blog is going to be dedicated to those people who use the self check outs in Walmart. For those who don't know what they are these give people in the store the option of checking yourself out. You scan, bag, and pay for all your items yourself. Typically there are 4 of them in a group however it's no guarantee that all 4 will be working at the same time. They are also typically located right next to the express check outs for those people with only a few items. I do believe there intent was to allow people to get through lines faster with out having to have more cashiers. Usually there is just one person who monitors the main terminal for any problems and to make sure people aren't pretending to scan items.

I love using these machines and think they are a great invention.....when used properly. Here's just a few tips I'd love to give people in case they are wondering if these machines might be suitable for them as well. Any of the reasons below should be an indicator to pass up the self check out option and proceed directly to the nearest cashier.

*Your cart is so full of grocery items that you need a second and third cart to transfer the bagged items too. You'll notice the little conveyor belt on these machines is just that....little. If you can't get everything in your cart onto the conveyor so that you can use the same cart to place your bagged items...please move on The only exception to this should be when the store is very slow and anyone coming up after you can either use another machine or get through a cashier quickly.

*If you have never scanned or rung up a single item in your life on your own, especially if you are purchasing produce items which involve looking up codes. Please leave it to the professionals. Everyone gets through faster when you do this as it takes you three times longer to look for the barcode on every single item and scroll through every page of the produce list.

*If you have any items your not sure you want to purchase. Everyone has done this at some point. You get to the register and the whole time you have been debating if you really do need that new movie or what ever. When the attendant has to spend her time with only you constantly voiding items there is an issue. Especially when there are several other people using the machines with their own problems as well.

Now for those who do use the machines here are a few more tips for you as well.

*Put everything on the conveyor and then move your cart up to load it as you bag items. Seriously, having to dig through bagged items to get to the ones on the bottom takes way longer than the 2 minutes it would have taken to put them all up to begin with.

*Use both hands. Unless you have a broken bone somewhere on one arm then use them BOTH. You can get way more done this way and avoid fewer glares from people behind you.

*If you do go through with an obscenely large amount of items, and notice the person directly behind you only has 2 or 3 (and even is very obviously pregnant)....let them go ahead of you! Trust me, they will greatly appreciate it and won't be trying to think of ways to make snide remarks about your inconsiderate behavior.

*Don't let your kids scan or bag the items when the store is busy. Seriously, I'm sure they could use a learning experience but when every line is packed 10 people long, the last thing they want is you spending 20 minutes explaining to them waht a barcode is and how items should be bagged. Save it for a time when the store is slow and your not holding up a mob.

*When bagging it's pretty simple when you think about the basics. You scan item, put it in bag. System has built in weight that double checks what you scanned to make sure your not trying to scam them. So if you scan it, bag it, and pull it off immediately fo course the system isn't going to recognize it was bagged hence having to do the skip bagging button. The problem beng that after so many times the system automatically throws up an error to the attendant and locking the system from future scanning until they clear it. You'll notice that each machine comes with 2 bagging racks. For future use fill one bag then move onto the 2nd one. When the 2nd one is full pull the first one off and fill the next in line. Then go back to #2. This allows time for the scale to verify the items, you move faster, and the attendant spends less time trying to make sure you not stealing.

I think thats it for now but I'm sure I'll think o fmore lady. And to the lady with $400 in groceries who went through self check out on Saturday and peak time....shame on you! And be glad I had my 4 year old with me when you cut me off in the parking lot while leaving. I was so tempted to show you just how inconciderate you were!

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jennifer said...

LMAO. I totally feel your pain. There are too many people i nthe world that should NOT use them, I am perfect...

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