Friday, November 7, 2008

2 months old

Well our "little" boy is getting older and is officially 2 months old now. Really he's 9 weeks but doctors go by calander months. Man time has flown! He had his well baby check and he is now 11.8lbs and 24inches long! My tall and skinny boy. I was looking back and compared to monkey he is lighter but taller than she was at this point. Monkey was just shy of 14lbs by her 2 month appointment. But alas he is healthy and growing well. Poor guy got 3 shots though which he was not happy about. It was almost comical to watch but I'll never admit to laughing. Now wouldn't that just be the mean mommy thing to do? He had no idea what was coming as he layed on that table smiling at me. You could see though when that first needle went in. He flinched and his face immediately turned beet red. Then just he started to calm down the 2nd one went in. Then repeat again for the 3rd. I think he's going to end up with my temper. For a few hours after the shots he would just start wimpering like he was having flashbacks and letting me know he wasn't happy about it. Today, he's been fussier than normal and just doesn't seem to feel well. thats to be expected though so we're dealing. Course I resigned myself to having to hold and nurse him a lot too which helped. Amazingly though I still managed to bake an apple pie in the middle of all his fussing so I guess maybe he hasn't been that bad!

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