Saturday, November 8, 2008


Now is about when most parents start agonizing over what to get their kiddo's for christmas. Well maybe not agonizing but certainly it's on their mind. I am no exception. Especially since we really need to watch our budget. The plan I think is to get one large gift and then a few smaller things to go with it. Originally I was thinking the Ninetendo DS for Monkey. Then after X and I discussed it that was nixed. Granted she's 5 and it seems like every 5 year old we know has one. But Monkey tends to lose or break things and considering those things are $130 just for the system....well I think we'll wait a bit before doing that. So then i was back to square one and completely clueless. Then tonight while cruising Ebay an idea hit me! Right before Toots was born I had asked on my playgroup about local dance/ballet classes. I had then promptly forgotten about it until tonight. I went back to check the responses and one of the ladies pointed out a local studio that offers dance/ballet classes for $16 month. You pay monthly instead of per class which could certainly get good reviews. Several other mom's chimed in that they are good so first thing Monday I'm going to call and find out about getting Monkey signed up. Granted to start after the holidays. Now I just got to figure out a neat way of putting that under the tree...any suggestions?? To go along with it I'm already cruising ebay for things. I found the cutest tote bag with little ballet shoes stitched on it. She will need a bag to carry her things so it should be perfect. Once I know about the dress code I'll snag a few tights and suits and shoes. I think I may even try to find a charm necklace with ballet shoes on it. I think she would really love it.

As for Toots I doubt we will really do anything. I have some toys that are being given to us for him and a cute little pooh exersaucer. Would it be to cheap to pretend those are for him for christmas??

And lastly X....well I can't discuss that on here as I know he reads this thing periodically. I'm definitely open to ideas though!

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Heidi said...

Hey - my friend Lindsey makes DARLING tutus. She made one for LiLa. I could get you in touch with her and maybe she could make one for J. Email me or IM me and let me know.

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