Friday, November 7, 2008

He Made Me Steal!

Ok so I'm confessing something here and honestly, give me your feedback. What would you REALLY do?? Here's the situation. There have been 2 times when I have had both kiddo's with me at the store. When I have them both Monkey sits in the little seat thing of the cart and Toots is in the basket part in his carseat. I'm not brave enough to let Monkey roam free and Toots carseat never really sits right on top of the cart. Anyways, those two times resulted in Toots totally freaking out about still be strapped in his seat. Screaming at the top of his lungs like he's being pinched or something. I swear people thinking I'm torturing him as they hear his hollaring across the store. Anyways, I'm frantically grabbing the couple things we need and rushing to get out of there and hopefully get Toots to stop screaming. Which he inevitably does as soon as we're in the car driving home anyways. So we go through check out and I swear I check the basket to make sure we got everything. Toots must have a hidden compartment somewhere because 2 times I've found something that didn't go through the check out, once I was getting everyone loaded into the car. So the you go back inside? Both times Toots was seriously screaming bloody murder. My head was pounding at the screams it was so loud. I know thats no excuse but in my defense I didn't even realize the items were there until much later when silence had returned and my sanity with it. And what were they?? A small bottle of hand soap and a can of frosting. They apparently rolled underneath his carseat so i didn't see them when I was getting things out of the cart. So what would YOU do?


Heidi said...

That's a tough one. I would maybe just go back and tell the store manager what happened and pay for the items later when he's not throwing such a fit, but I don't know. I mean, Huck stole a bra once. Not really, but I was shopping with this stroller and it didn't get put in. So I just took it back a little while later and paid for it once I realized it.

Sweetrld said...

I've done that several times and if I have the kids with me and I'm trying to get home because of tantrums and such, then I just go home. On better days though, I have gone back inside to pay for what I have accidentally taken.

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