Friday, November 21, 2008

Young Talent

It seems like more and more each day the talent showing up in music videos and TV shows is getting younger. Granted there are some serious child prodigies. Anyone watched Oprah lately?? I saw this one girl play the piano the other day. The girl has some serious talent and I think she was not much older than Monkey. Anyways, we caught some of the video on YouTube of the Naked Brothers Band which is Nat & Alex Wolff. Monkey's favorite song was "The Girl of My Dreams". You can tell they are younger boys but listen to the lyrics. It's a simple song but considering these boy ages...heck I can't even do that! Apparently tomorrow night, November 22nd, they will be premiering on Nick. I think Monkey and I might check it out since it comes on at 8pm and Toots will already be in bed for the night. Have a little bit of mommy and daughter time. I'm curious anyways because the episode is titled Operation Mojo and I can't help but wonder what his "mojo" is!! It's Nick so I imagine it will be child related but hmmm....what kind of mojo could a boy that age have?? I guess we'll tune in to find out!!



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