Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Military and iLasik

I know several people who have gotten Lasik surgery and swear it was the best decision they ever made. Mr. X even has mentioned he is interested in getting the procedure done. Now apparently the Military and NASA are considering making it standard procedure to have "mission-critical personnel" undergo the procedure. Does it make sense to have them do this? After doing some research on the LASIK technology I would have to say I think it does. According to the article 100% of aviators who had the procedure would recommend it to others. 95% were able to achieve 20/20 vision. How could it not make sense? Service members in criticaly important positions would have perfect vision. Not relying on commercial products like glasses or contacts which have their own flaws. Glasses can become scratched and/or broken, and even little old me manages to lose contacts. Those darn things will fall right out of my eyes! Can you imagine doing something highly important in the military or with NASA and suddenly realize your contact fell out?? Man that would suck. Not to mention the cost of maintenance and upkeep. I imagine the procedure would pay for itself over the years as the person no longer has to buy new frames, lenses, cases, cleaning clothes, contacts, contact solution, etc. So ya, I have to agree with the statement that Lasik exceeds all standards of safety and effectiveness. Now everyone run out and let them laser your eyes! If you would like to find out more check here for more LASIK information.


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