Friday, November 21, 2008

Ok ok...I get the hint

I figured I'd through a bit of humor in here for a change. And of course it centers around toots. Granted, I may not do the story justice with my words but I will certainly try! On Tuesday I had to go to court with my sis over an issue with her ex. It was pretty much an all day deal and so I took Toots with me. He did AMAZING all things considered. Then again I've quickly learned that it's easy for me to quiet him when he gets fussy. Lets just call them my secret weapons. LOL Thats not the story though. Court took so long that we ended up having to grab a bite for lunch during recess and then go back afterwards. So the three of us trucked across the street to McDonald's. Yes I know, not the healthiest thing but it was the closest and we didn't have THAT much time. So we get lunch and sit down to eat. Of course Toots decides he must eat right then too so I feed him. During which he decides he also needs to clean out his system. I swear he is a grown man in an infants body. Shortly before we had to be back to the courthouse we head into the bathroom to get him changed. I should have known when I saw the yellow splotches in teh back of his was going to be messy. I get the shirt pulled up and quickly realize......he has leaked out of his diaper. BAD. Like so bad it was almost to his shoulders. And what hadn't made it that far quickly did as we struggled to get his shirt off with out spreading it everywhere. So there we are in the bathroom. Toots stripped naked and me going through 100 wipes trying to get all of it off him. IT. WAS. EVERYWHERE!! At one point I hear my sis say "EW EW's on my finger!!" She then proceeds to sit him on his blanket which I used to cover the changing station to which I'm yelling "I haven't wiped his butt yet!!". Oh ya, now ti's all over his blanket too. You guessed it, she doens't have kids. She's not used to this kind of dirty. We finally get it all cleaned off him and thankfully I had brought a spare onsie and his pants were salvageable. Got Toots all bundled up in the moby and he was good to go. Fastforward to later that night. I hear those telltale signs while we're eating dinner and go to change him again. And there it is....the wet onsie half way up his back. AGAIN! Only this time it's me and X and a warm bath. So much easier than the wipes in a public restroom. Thats not it though. night comes and Toots goes down as usual. Then is up at 3am for his feeding and I change him. The next mornign I go in to wake him up so we can take Monkey to the bus. He is SOAKED. I mean literally SOAKED. Through the diaper, onsie, pj's, the bed sheet, the mattress protector. EVERYTHING. I knew it even as I walked into the room and smelled it. Ugh! So needless to say I got the hint. Those size 1 diapers just were not cutting it. So now my once oh so small baby is in size 2's which look so huge but at least I'm not scrubbing crap out of everything. LOL

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