Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boppy Time

Yesterday I was sitting on the laptop, can't even remember what I was looking for now. X had been rocking Toots (this is pre-swing time) and I guess he had calmed down enough so he had layed him in the boppy. Toots seems to like being propped up some so that he can see the world I guess. The boppy was sitting right next to me so I was glancing over on occasion to check on him. When X put him on the boppy though it wasn't in the traditional way. He actually layed him across it instead of in the hole. Toots was just laying staring, not squirming so I didn't correct his position right away. Anyways, I glanced over at one point and this is what I saw...


He had managed to turn himself 90degrees, with out me noticing at that, and then promptly passed out. Even the paci was long forgotten. And for those not familiar with the boppy, this is actually the opposite of how any other baby lays in it. In essence he is laying down with his feet propped up instead of his head. And for baby safety...we'll just ignore how close we are to the edge of the couch....Shhhh!

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Anonymous said...

That is too funny! He fits in the outfit! He looks so cute in it! I cannot believe my almost 7 year old used to fit in that. What are you guy doing on the 25th? It's Evan's birthday & we are having a little thing over here. Let me know if you guys can make it.

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