Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cooking Again

One good thing about me being off work these last weeks is I've been more willing to cook again. Unfortunately I'm afraid I've just spoiled Monkey and X cause when I'm back at work I hardly think it will continue. At least during the week unless I can find even more easy, quick recipes. What I've found though is I'm actually starting to prefer making things from scratch. Bisquick pancakes??? Not us! This morning is was homemade pancakes with fresh strawberries. Pre-packaged muffins?? Not when I can whip together some banana chocolate chip ones. How about easy stroganoff for dinner??? So yummy! I find myself browsing recipes online looking for things that look good and a little different than our norm. Even adding additional basics to our grocery item instead of buying the usual ready made stuff. Over all it's cheaper anyways and it's kinda fun to experiment. And my favorite recipe site has user reviews and suggests that help as well. Even better is it's coming up on the holidays. Best time of the year for baking and making the house all warm and good smelling. Better than any candle you can buy!

And if you didnt notice I've changed my recipe blog over as well. You can find all the things we've tried lately and some old favorites HERE. Well almost all the old ones, I'm still transfering things over.

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