Monday, October 13, 2008

Swing Heaven

Robyn had given us a travel swing to use for Toots but for what ever reason he screamed when ever we put him in it. I don't know if it's the way it sat, the clicking noise it made, the height....who knows. So since he wasn't liking it we passed it back to her so maybe someone else could use it. Well, the last few days X has been swinging Toots in a way that kinda imitates a swing and it would soothe him when he was fussy. Course his arms could only take so much so I put out some feelers and was given one of the Ocean Wonders Aquarium Swings. Got it tonight and put it together right away, plopped him in and he just sat there swinging away. Took him out for a minute to move it to a better location and he immediately started screaming. Put him back in and with in 5 minutes he was passed out asleep. So needless to say, he likes this one. I have no clue what the difference in the two is. Maybe it was just a fluke. Either way, now I have one more way to soothe him when I need to get something done. Yea me!!! Course, it would have been nice to see X get some toned up arms after all that swinging. LOL

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